When you buy a shirt you will have the option to support your local or underground artists, bands or groups.

We will donate a portion of each shirt sale to local or underground Christian artists, bands, or groups. We believe in the ministry of underground artists since many of them go virtually unknown for years. This is our opportunity to recongnize them for their hard work.

When buying a shirt simply choose the artist, band or group from the dropdown list. You can also choose the "random pick" option if either your favorite is not yet in our listing, or you just want to support any any artist, band or group. If the "random pick" option is selected we will do our best to find a local artist to your area of the country.

If you don't see your favorite local or underground artists, bands or groups in our list please let them know about us so they can sign up for the program.

Verse Wear's Featured Artists

Say hello to our friends and featured artists


2Edge Music

Learn More and like the South Florida native whom has had his share of issues and struggles but his music points you to the solution and answer. Listening to how 2Edge utilizes his life experiences to tell the story of how God's grace is sufficient will help you understand the vessel behind the music. He's been a member of the South Florida based group 1Way since 1992. He's also had the opportunity to be a youth leader and still serves as a worship team member at his home church, Spanish River Church in Boca Raton.

His latest CD Release "Sincerely Yours" will be released on 11/24/15! More info to come.

20% of every "2Edge Featured - be sincere" shirt sale on the website goes to his ministry.


Proverb Music

Learn More and like. When defined the word proverb means a wise saying. Well, when applied to one of Bomb Beach's most profound wordsmiths, the word takes on no less than the personification of its definition. Proverb Newsome has been dropping gems in ears since the early 90s. He first hit the national scene with his group 1Way in 1995 with the project Destination Unknown. Proverb's solo project debut was A Common Mans Opus. This collection of songs that spoke directly from the heart of the artist. What he believes, why he believes it. - See more at: http://www.proverbnewsome.com/about_proverb/#sthash.PuXPaKUa.dpuf

His latest CD EP Release "The Gaze" will be released soon! More info to come.

20% of every "Proverb Featured - i gaze" shirt sale on the website goes to his ministry.