Our Mission

#VerseWear has set out on a mission for truth, wisdom, and Christ centered apparel. We believe in being bold and never being ashamed of whom we belong to. We're on a path to come up with simple 2 -3 words phrases that sums up a scripture, and graphically appealing shirts of more complexity. We want shirts that that you and us would rock in our everyday lives.

#VerseWear also wants to help support those who need it most, the local/underground artists/bands that may never get the big time recognition they should get. We allow you to choose an artist/band to support with each purchaseyou buy. As well, you can up your contribution if you choose.

Increasingly we're living in a world where the things of God are under attack. It's up to us to spread the word anyway we can. #VerseWear gives you that opportunity to spark interest in scripture by sporting simple phrases that may just cause a passer by to want to read that verse and change a life.

We shouldn't just live the life in church and at home, but outwardly in our actions and deeds. We all have seen those (or may have been those at one time or another) who proclaim, but the actions are anything but the life. We implore all of us to check ourselves and examine how we act everywhere we go. We believe in the #PeculiarLife, and we can somehow help someone who is having a hard time to find a better way this is our goal.

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